Giugno 5, 2012


We are so many….. We are a host of collaborators indeed! If I didn’t live it every day, I wouldn’t believe it. And to be honest, until a few months ago, few people agreed to bet on something with me … But in spite of the doom, we can say it, maybe in spite of too many “jinxers” that unnecessarily cast spells, the magic has come! Every day in the small editorial office of niclapress, it’s a flurry of phone calls, emails, text messages, requests for participation and new partnerships. The arrival of the author of THE CHINA STUDY on Sept. 21 in Vicenza is turning into a THERMOMETER OF HEALTH, which raises the “degrees” of the peninsula: first VICENZA, as obvious, and then RIMINI, LUCCA, ROME, BARI and again MILAN TRENTO …….. And the evenings become more every day, from hour to hour. What are they? These meetings, coffee business, business dinners and small or large club of businessmen, doctors, educators and innovators who are found all over Italy to give birth to ideas, synergies, networking and mutual businnes…while eating …! Events are organized from time to time by the many colleagues and friends who believe and invest on BE4Eat for nutrition and health. This gives the opportunity to those who are accustomed to pursue opportunities and not to wait for the train, to meet and create new relationships, new projects and new business for everyone. Only you missing?!! …. Find the date and location that are most convenient to you, consult the calendar at left, gather your loved ones in a camper and don’t miss the TRAIN OF OPPORTUNITIES that is passing by you…]]>