Maggio 16, 2012


Memos, meetings, books … so many books. This is my typical day. Phone calls? Those, more than anything else, are not all the same. Definitely. An example is the phone call I had a while ago with Prof. T. Colin Campbell: he is very busy in this period, between the writing of the sequel to The China Study (it will be published the next year) and his speaking engagements. What T. Colin told me today was really amazing. Can you think that the researcher registered an intervention for a famous American portal for an audience of 35,000 people worldwide? Can you think about it? Really record-breaking numbers! Readers and followers of the “Campbell’s message” against cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity are so many. And if I realize that we are offering the opportunity to hear and meet the author here in Italy, I’m in seventh heaven! So it is not necessary to fly to the United States to know him, you don’t need to cross the ocean to hear his precious words. The Prof. Campbell will be here for us, on 21st September 2012, in Vicenza! It’s worth taking the chance, isn’t it?;) Nicla Signorelli]]>