Giugno 12, 2012


Paolo Kessisoglu, showman of the Italian TV program Le Iene, and his wife Sabrina Donadel, on stage with T. Colin Campbell at BE4EAt Hyena on TV, thief at the theater, and vegetarian in life. Paolo Kessisoglu and his wife Sabrina have no hesitation. “We’ll be there!” Even more. “We will give our testimony, we are absolutely vegetarian.” That’s how it works. In the world of those who really tried, giving a testimony is a requirement. And, if doing so you get on stage with T. Colin Campbell, the major expert as for healthy and more conscious way of eating, how can you say no? And so the stage is getting bigger. Personally meeting the author of THE CHINA STUDY, and confronting him on the hot topics of nutrition, conceived as fuel for our health, are good drivers for many people. Show business personalities, sportsmen, doctors and nutritionists. Altogether in an event created to give everyone the opportunity to change their lives immediately. Both Paul and Sabrina are vegetarians. Sabrina above all, according to Paul, who admits he was convinced by his charming wife to a new diet that caused him to lose 5 pounds and gave him new energy for his activities on TV and in theatre. The entire interview with the couple will be available soon on niclapress. In the meantime, don’t miss any updates of the Sept. 21 event!]]>