Maggio 30, 2012


Roberto Re, the number one as for motivational energy, will be on stage with us! It’s wonderful! We did it! With him on stage I’m sure Be4eat will become what we are struggling for in these months. Who am I talking about? About Roberto Re, of course! I’ve just finished the phone call with him. The number one in Italy said yes and will moderate our conference in Vicenza on 21st September. Can you imagine? The appointment with THE CHINA STUDY will become a day of real change, a revolution in practice, with simple rules and a motivational push starting…immediately! I’ve been investing in this for months. It has been really hard to let this digest…believe me. I think there are only few people that haven’t ever heard things like “milk is bad”, “eating too much meat is not good for our health”, “being fat harms your health” and so on … How many obstacles to change! And the worst thing is that the first and most important obstacle to change is OURSELVES! Have you never heard phrases like, “but who do I have to do this for”, “you only live once”, “after all, I’m not killing anyone …” Do you understand who am I talking about, right?! There are always a lot of ifs and buts… Well, I feel like I did what I had to do. I created a stage (not without great sacrifice, and that my 4 children may be witnesses, alas …) with a lot of wonderful people: – The scientist on nutrition par excellence, – The best motivator in ITALY, – testimonials from the entertainment world; – testimonials from the world of sports; – chefs who already turned loads of pages of scientific results into delicious dishes Now it’s up to you. What are you waiting for? Take the lead to be part of this excellence!]]>