Giugno 19, 2012

Why choose to be vegetarian?

Vegetariano, sì o no?When I opened this blog I started to wander around in blogs and websites with subjects like  Vegetarian and / or vegan: I was curious to know why other people like me have decided to make a change in their lives, and I found myself facing an interesting and varied panorama.

Some people justify this choice noting that primitive Man ate mostly wild spontaneous-growing  berries and vegetables. Hunting, and then the meat, came later. Beyond the scientific and logical objections that can oppose this view – there are many of these, as there are many defenses – I think it’s a weak motivation or not very durable over time.

Today, I think so, but tomorrow I might bump into a convincing theory that supports the contrary, so what should I think?

Some people refuse to eat meat and animal derivatives, since the breeding entails immense suffering for the animals. This is a choice that I feel stronger – definitely motivated and motivating. How many of you have ever seen  a transportation service of animals or, even worse, the slaughter of them? And how many have stopped eating meat, at least for a while after this incident?

Whether for one reason or another, all those who forsake meat and animal derivatives after a while, after having overcome the difficulties that this renunciation entails, after having found the balance, they say “wow, I do feel really good now!”. And was this the key to everything?

Like many others, I chose to change my lifestyle after reading “The China Study”, which presents the scientific evidence of how our eating habits are bad, and, worse, how they can cause serious illnesses and death.

This is really a strong motivation! It is no coincidence that all vegetarians recognize that they are better physically and mentally. This is a concrete fact, though perhaps not very scientific, but it’s absolutely something a lot of people are saying.

It’s hard to give up animal protein: vegetables cost, new ideas can be scarce in the kitchen, not to mention the difficulties of dining out. “Mmm, these vegetableballs are really delicious!” – But they are cooked with eggs. “The fruit mousse is really tempting” – but there is cow’s milk in it.

Fortunately the number of vegetarians is increasing more and more, which implies a greater sensitivity towards us by the food companies and restaurants. On the other hand the problem of school canteens, school camps or summer camps still remains – but that’s another matter that must be tackled in a dedicated post.

And you, what do you choose? Are you still stuck to the dear traditional old Mediterranean habits or did you make the leap? Let’s talk about it!