Maggio 8, 2012


We become what we put into our bodies What we eat spreads in each of our cells, liver, muscles, brain, viscera, lungs, kidneys,… Amazing, isn’t it? If we concentrate well and we really think about these two sentences we start feeling a little concerned… I feel a little concerned! It’s amazing what can happen every time we open our mouth and chew. What? That’s the question! This is the crux of the matter: “what do you chew?” After some personal experiences in my family, these nutrition issues have become a passion for me. Perhaps it is this pain, mixed with enthusiasm for the recent findings on the impact that certain food has on our health, which led me to invite Prof. T. Colin Campbell to Italy at all costs. Now my biggest desire is that some of these certain rules (finally!) become available to everyone. How? I thought: 1. creating this Blog; 2. inviting Prof. T Colin Campbell to Italy and listening from his voice all the important things he discussed in his “Volume”; 3. disseminating the tips gathered from the interview with him by writing them at once (the ebook with the 7 STEPS is ready, just ask them leaving your email in the required field); 4. making videos that show these STEPS with some useful anecdotes; 5. getting in touch with valuable coaches and dietitians who can help people achieve their goals in this respect; 6. organising mini events throughout Italy and Europe! Do you have other suggestions? Write them at my email or leave a comment to my posts! Together, we will be more effective! Thank you! Nicla Signorelli]]>