Aprile 24, 2012


It’s come, guys, the news of the century has come! The more you eat, the more you lose weight! For me (just like you!) that I’m struggling constantly with the belt, the outstanding research of Prof. T. Colin Campbell and his international bestseller, THE CHINA STUDY, opens the gate of paradise. No more sacrifices! No more deprivation! To hell with the bland dishes! LONG LIFE TO THE PLEASURES OF THE TABLE! To be fit, and to regain our right weight, the first and most important rule is …. EATING! Cool, isn’t it? The most influential scientist on nutrition shows it in his research, conducted for over 27 years and widely considered the longest and most authoritative study so far, that is not the amount of calories in itself to be considered, but their origin! In a nutshell: is not how much you eat but what you eat that makes the difference! Simplifying as much as possible, the results of the book of Prof. Campbell (it is worth to come and listen to his voice, as it will be in Italy next September for a unique event and will shape his lecture on the rules necessary for diet, weight loss and the preservation of long term health) I anticipate that: – to be healthy our body needs to be fed only or mainly with plant-based products; – to give a pleasant feeling of satiety, unlike popular belief, plants (cereals, oilseeds, legumes, vegetables, fruit) will bring many more calories than a diet with greater presence of meat, eggs and dairy products. BUT ….. – our body uses the calories from carbohydrates primarily to produce heat, while animal proteins and fats are more easily used as a “deposit” in the form of body fat. ERGO …. – to make our meat or dairy meal “SLIMMING” we need to make a drastic reduction of total calories introduced (ie: SAD DIET, made up of many SIGH! SIGH! sacrifices and deprivation) – on the contrary, in order to lose weight eating cereals and vegetables, we should KEEP ON EATING LIKE THIS! In short. Life for us, “ETERNALLY BIKINI WORRIED”, becomes wonderful. Are you peckish? Eating whole wheat pasta you will lose weight! A paradise! And if it is true, as medical researches say, that gulping down carbohydrates helps to raise the mood, it’s a godsend! WE LOSE WEIGHT, HAPPY, AND EATING HOW MUCH WE WANT! This … is a dream! (For more news, subscribe FREELY to the newsletter of the event with T. Colin Campbell in Italy) Nicla Signorelli]]>