Maggio 11, 2012


Nature is a wonderful thing, it gives us everything we need. It sounds simple, isn’t it? Instead most of people are living below their potential and their energy, only because they don’t care for a fundamental aspect of their lives …. Food! What can we do then? I asked Donatella Agrizzi, head coach of our team. A perfect shape, a bright look and a wealth of tips for improving your performance, labor, energy, personal. Vegetarian for life, since, petite, hid the pieces of steak leftovers in the pot, thus giving shape to his own rebellion against the flesh. Donatella is convinced that the example is really powerful… and she has a her own wonderful life and robust health to offer as a business card. Here is what our number one professional Life Coach told me. Donatella, what does a nutritional coach do? The main feature of a coach is the flexibility. The coach must respect the needs of the person, allowing it to achieve his objectives beyond his limits and using his strengths.
 What do you really want? What compromises are you able to agree to? This is what the coach asks before giving way to his support path. Path that must be undertaken while respecting the balance of the person. That’s why every coaching experience is different. There is a different strategy for each person. Where do most of the coaching programs fail? The failure is simply not expected! The coach always uses the method best suited to that specific person and the results are guaranteed. One of the tasks of the coach is, in fact, just to help you to use the emotions and beliefs that are supportive for you, replacing those ones that limit you or hold you behind. It is a tool that is also good for me, because every time by knowing people I broaden my world map. What are the most common blocks? We must make a distinction between men and women. The first are obsessed by the fear of gaining weight if you only talk about eliminating proteins and increasing carbohydrates. It also happens that family puts obstacles on their path. For men, the most common block is tied to conviviality. That is, if the route includes the elimination of meat from the diet, the males are living this situation with great uneasiness in the relationship with others. It is difficult among other things, finding vegetarian restaurants that don’t serve cheese from starter to dessert or that are attentive to the quality of carbohydrates. How much time do we need to spend to achieve our goals? It depends on where you start from, where you want to go, how focused you are and how much effort you put.]]>