Maggio 8, 2012


Just Three Minutes To Live Better! You have three minutes to read this post! Three minutes to think about a new way of eating! All the details are almost ready! I’m over the moon to have the honor of welcoming Prof. T. Colin Campbell to Italy and to finally have the opportunity to shake his hands. Can I say it? World Premiere! He will be here in Italy, for his first European conference: he has invested more than 40 years of his life and career on research which gave such astonishing scientific results. Finally, many dietary theories that clutter pages and pages of the print media, which have already become ‘law’ for thousands of doctors and dietitians, have a paradigm by which they can be properly understood. Just like many other fashions, these theories are still in use today, through the food on our tables, despite serious criticisms. If you have read the book The China Study, you know what I’m talking about. MEANWHILE ENJOY THE VIDEO! Finally I can see clearly! This is what I told myself after having read this important volume (because, let’s say this, it really is a volume, the weight of science!) From this euphoric position of great clarity, after having turned the last page of the book which is so challenging to the worldview of traditional medicine, I wondered: how many people will read the book all the way through? Without a full study of the book, an important opportunity for health is lost. So I picked up the phone, and dialed his American number, asking: “Excuse me, is there a chance Prof. Campbell could come to Italy to give us the chance to hear him speak and explain everything clearly, so we can learn from him how to take care ourselves and our families in our everyday lives? Of course, it was not as simple as that, but anyway, Professor Campbell, finally accepted my invitation. He was more than happy to come to Italy, which really made my head spin! I wanted to organise an great conference: not just in style but rather in terms of participation, with lots of amazing people involved, in a proper motivational atmosphere, and the aim of informing and raising awareness. A tough job, believe me! But immensely satisfying. So, I ask you personally, try not to miss this exclusive talk, because after you have listened to Prof. Campbell speak, your world will change. This event has been designed to revolutionize your life. We have been working together to make this happen! On 21st September 2012, you will tell us personally if the conference doesn’t live up to your expectations! Already many people, including high-level professionals, have booked the ticket. Sit next to them, and to all the international guests who are gradually joining. Raise your hand, and ask questions. By simply reading the book, you won’t have this chance! But on a day designed especially for this, you can do it! I graduated in Philosophy and I don’t think there is an absolute truth, even less on nutrition. However I know that a good statistical method, as boring as it can be, can point the way: sometimes it can be the only way to know what to do and how to behave. Don’t miss this fantastic chance to listen live, totally LIVE, and with a fruitful open debate to follow, on how to attain the optimum health for you and your loved ones. This is a rare opportunity to hear Professor Campbell speaking in Italy! See you on 21st September! Stay healthy! Nicla Signorelli]]>