Aprile 11, 2012


I thought so. But now I have all the evidence. Eating broccoli and zucchini, my friends, costs a lot. It costs so damn much! The problem is serious. I have two choices: either I poison my husband and the four children we decided to give birth to, or I think of a vegetable mortgage, a kind of green loan with interests on health! Joking aside, the question remains: is it worth getting into debt to give everyone something to eat in a healthy way? My question was born a few months ago. My husband comes home after a course for businessmen (one of those that are springing up like mushrooms here in Italy,  American style seminars that combine self motivation and a good diet in the perfect recipe to make your dreams become true) and says: “From now on I only eat vegetables!” Sure! Bravo! Now what? Keeping a man of 1.90 m tall, with a hunger proportional to his height and a family of 4 voracious that look like him, with dishes of broccoli, zucchini and carrots is easier said than done. Of course. There is pasta, bread and other things on the side. But the feeling, believe me, is that: YOU do the shopping. ALWAYS! The fridge becomes a mystery. It is filled with anything (ever noticed the size of a cauliflower?), As nothing is empty! In less than no time become the idol of your grocery store. Just enter his shop, his eyes light up. Do not you say when you approach the counter. A smile all teeth that even his dentist gives him. And you pay. Pay. And pay. Mazza how much you pay. “Love, not that you want some ‘meat by-case basis.'” Already I bite my tongue and my head is spinning from a sense of guilt and the other. I look at my children. Potatoes, zucchini, veggie burgers, hot bread with olive oil and some cherry tomatoes: I spent yesterday, and tomorrow I already know what to baste for lunch and dinner. I have to invent something. Yeah, but what? Nicla Signorelli]]>