Maggio 30, 2012


Fruit breakfastWHAT DOES THE AUTHOR OF THE CHINA STUDY EAT? The most common questions people ask me when I speak about the results of my research are generally: why haven’t I heard this before? or are soy, fish or any other product ok? I don’t like to answer this second question because, on average, it refers to a specific type of food, forgetting that the most important effect, so far, is the whole diet, not a single thing at a time. Nicla recently asked me what I eat for breakfast. The question made me smile. It is not the first person asking me details on my diet. Probably some other people around the world are wondering right now: What does the author of The China Study eat every single day? Does he drink soy milk? And what is his favorite dish? Almost always, I eat whole grained cereal (usually oats, cooked at time of eating or “old fashioned”), along with some dried and/or fresh fruits. Once a week, low fat, whole grain pancakes with lots of berries, either fresh in summer or frozen berries in the winter. about my favorite dish, no doubts: I love greens, beans and potatoes (various kinds of greens and beans). It couldn’t be otherwise…]]>