Aprile 11, 2012


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In Italy it is not much said. However a lot of research has been made overseas. And the result is surprising: does your child have difficulties at school? It’s all fault of the milk he drinks in the morning! The literature in this sense is abundant. There are books and fine professionals who tell about the connection between nutrition and vital energy. Actually it doesn’t take a scientist to tell us that food is fuel for our life. And then, just as we wouldn’t give diesel to a car which needs gas, so we can’t expect our son has the best performance if we feed him with not suitable food. And here is the crux of the matter. IS MILK SO STODGY ? Personally I’ve no doubts. And I don’t say this just for all the books I read. The answer lies in facts. Have you ever tried to get on the treadmill after a portion of mashed potatoes? Or have you ever decided to take a walk in the mountains after a breakfast of croissants and cafe au lait? Forget it, I agree with you. EVEN MY DAUGHTER! I feel a bit puzzled when I see her already knocked down in the morning thanks to the baggage she has…inside her! It was me to feed her with that baggage!! Yet it’s true for us, Italian mothers, it’s not easy to change. For centuries we have believed that: without milk teeth decay pasta is fattening stock has to be drunk when you have temperature mozzarella in carrozza is the best… So …. what do we have to learn from other European mothers? Nicla Signorelli]]>