We have been always taught that yogurt has unique nutritional benefits. It contains an optimal ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. But be careful, it’s still a derivative of milk … therefore it contains animal proteins. What do we have to do then? To banish it from our diets, or to turn a blind eye to it?

Do you know what I did? I asked directly T. Colin Campbell, the number one in nutrition!

Here is the question I asked him and his reply below:

N.S. : Prof. Campbell, we usually think that yogurt, rich in lactic acid bacteria, have beneficial effects for our health. But yogurt is milk … so is it good or bad?

T.C.C.: “Yogurt may be the least harmful of all the animal foods, because of its fermentative nature. I am open to claims of health benefits for yogurt, if substantiated”.

And you, what do you think? Leave your comment. I’d like to kick off a discussion on this and upcoming issues with Prof. Campbell.

Nicla Signorelli