I finished the phone conversation half hour ago. And yet I can’t get rid of this stupid smile on my face, after having heard the news …

DINO BAGGIO, one of the best Italian midfielder, will probably be with us on stage on Sept. 21 in Vicenza.

Can you believe it? I’ll try to have an interview with both, so you’ll understand the reason why I’m so excited…

I was a child when my mother sang in the room some notes of the most famous songs of Pooh. She repeated: “that’s how I met your father …”. Not to mention the “go DINO” shouted by my father in front of the TV during the World Cup ….

But OK! Childhood’s anecdotes aside, the arrival of T. Colin Campbell in Vicenza is turning into a unique opportunity for me. And most of all for YOU.

I didn’t think so, but there is an internal world of ideas, enthusiasms and passions that move around the author of THE CHINA STUDY, which are absolutely contagious.

And it’s a world that must be yours too.

Wednesday night at the first one of the many dinners, meet-ups, coffee breaks and meetings around Italy, Giampaolo Urbello a very special pastry cook, I’ll invite you to visit his website www.alimenti-biologici.com, said:

“Colin, where have you been so far?”

It’s time, he’ll be here!

It ‘s time to talk with everyone, to involve everyone. Now is time to SHOUT out loud: there’s someone who has a personal story to be heard, things are not exactly as we were taught.

Hearing something new is not so bad.

And if once heard, some doubts arise, these doubts can be resolved.

And if doubts become certainties, change isn’t so CATASTROPHIC!

Shout it with us. SHOUT WITH THEM!