Foto: "Pancita" by Aracelota (Flickr)

BALANCE. BALANCE. Why is it always you, BALANCE?

It is not the needle to give us problems. That one works, it still works. But the belly …

The belly is always the belly!

You get up in the morning, and it is there.
You sit down for lunch, and it is always there.
You get into the shower and it is there! More and more there!
Increasingly urgent! More and more pending! More and more … indeed!
It is always a summer-proof!
Because we, people with a generous belly, we have plenty of HEAVINESS to offer. every morning looking into the mirror we aspire for more ENERGY. Better: we call for energy.
Who faces, otherwise, all day?
Because we have plenty of things to do. Together with our belly we have to:

reply to all mails
put an end to your child’s tantrum
listen to the complains of our mother-in-law
nod to the demands of our customers
collect the used socks of our husband
queue at the Post Office
help your daughter to do her homework
smile at our accountant

After all, friends, the balance and our belly are always HEAVY!
Even more!
It is exhausting. Something sucking your vital energy without rest.
So the question naturally arises: did the doctor order to accept it?

To thin bellies the final answer!

Nicla Signorelli