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” Just like the seeds in the soil, the initial non- cancerous cells grow and multiply in the absence of the right conditions. And ‘ here that the power becomes important. ”

How much can affect our diet in a disease such as cancer ?

How much responsibility did what we eat in its rapid development ?

How can a change of power in the care or, indeed, in the regression of this terrible disease ?

As always, the statements of dr. Campbell are quite determined about it.
After 40 years of research dedicated to the fight against cancer at the highest levels in the U.S. scientist rightly called a ” among the 25 most influential people in the field of nutrition ” claims to have seen enough to break the veils of a science , he says, ” is not always synonymous with honest search for the truth as many believe .”

“I have 79 years , I have had a long and rewarding career and I did not write this book to make money . I have no financial interest that you believe me . I do not sell health supplements , seminars or coaching about . [...] I want to tell you this story because I owe it to you all . “From” WHOLE ” .

I personally met the dr. Campbell and I can not fully embrace the opinion of many who , in a loud voice , defend and support the intellectual honesty of man Campbell even before the researcher’s known all over the world.

Deciding to write The China Study at the end of a long brilliant career was certainly not an easy choice. Publicly defend positions widely attacked ( and attached ) from a world of science that can be very unforgiving with those who rebel , is certainly not been easy .
Yet ( and I add , thankfully) Campbell did. He lifted the veil of a life spent in science and science opening the door to new research .

For this reason, sometimes, when I find myself having to answer questions , criticisms, and considerations about the books , his medical arguments and so-called scientific evidence in support of his thesis , I see the tired look used a year ago in Vicenza in reply to my own doubts and my many questions.

“I opened the door . Now it’s up to you to go forward. ”

And ‘ This is the message that I, personally , groom in full.
And ‘ to us , willy-nilly, have to go forward. And we believe that it is or at least what to strength , defying interests far greater than he , dr. Campbell argued with his research and written very clearly in his later books.
And ‘ to us that it is the task of continuing with the research there where he stopped or throw everything in the trash as ” dated ” or worse, “incomplete” . And ‘ to us that the task of pointing the finger where there might be bulleted or defend a status quo that is certainly not exempt from the same defects in those who would like to change it.

In short, it is up to us to decide whether to remain in a critical position or look over .

Change is not easy. But certainly not impossible.


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Susanna says:
October 15, 2013 at 12:03
Nicla dear , are susy penco and university researcher . about
to your email on the china study , I was puzzled seeing that the
graph refers to the animal model , the rat .
we are upset , I do not believe in the extrapolation of data from animals to humans . cm ² is a text to be disseminated .
Yours sincerely
susy penco

nicla nicla says:
October 16, 2013 at 11:23
Hello Susy . Yes, the graphic in the video refers to the animal model , and specifically to the rat . After all of these graphs is that in The China Study Campbell starts talking about his personal history and research of the first connections detected in the laboratory between protein consumption and cancer. As you well know , in the chapters to follow , his studio expands from the animal world to the epidemiological and laboratory man in much larger project and documented precisely called The Chiana Study. The choice of one piece of video on my part is no longer a need for immediacy of message of completeness ( as obvious) : in a nutshell, in this video, Campbell summarizes his message which of course is then read and thorough . Thanks for your comment that gave me a chance to explain. See you soon

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S.O.S. !!! Celiac Disease !

Posted on July 31, 2013 by nicla
And now what do I do? !

Have you ever had to get up at 6am and start plagiarized recipes left and right hoping to strike up a lunch and a dinner that everyone can eat without paint on the classic mouth grimace of disgust that only children can do any dampening enthusiasm mother ?

Well !

And ‘what is happening to me for a week in this part since returning from a medical – pediatric ( yet another !) , My cooking universe has been turned upside down (once again !) .

For a month my smallest and relentless musketeer , of course, accompanied by his faithful companions of adventure, will have to eat gluten-free !

And then, you say! What’s so complicated?

I agree with you.

If , however, only next to NO GLUTEN ( now in common use even in traditional supermarkets ) , there is also a fixed and a NO NO VEGETABLE FIBRES . All of course topped by the choice of the bottom of NO ANIMAL PROTEIN .

Translated : no pasta and traditional bread, without soups and vegetables , no fresh fruit to snack in your backpack and without legumes, which I will give to eat my children? ? ! !

My first thought was , of course, to rush to stores that specialize in these issues: I came out with a cart full of corn paste , rice flour , buckwheat, amaranth grains , quinoa and millet. All of course peppered with crackers , breadsticks and puffed cereals adapted to the case .

I felt at peace.

Now , I thought , I’ll know what to give you for dinner!


Blessed naivety !

When put to boil my pot of water , the true dilemma that is gripping me more than a week occurred integral : condisco thing with all this ” gift of God ” ?

Without vegetables (well, without the fibers of vegetables, because all extracts are more than commendable , but that’s another story to tell apart) and without animal protein (ham, mozzarella cheese , and so on ) , what we put on the quinoa spaghetti ? How do you prepare the risotto ? And above all , what do I do legumes, peas, chickpeas , lentils should replace meat protein ?


…. In short, questions of rings that are literally fight with everything I had become customary after the lessons learned from Campbell and the many Italian doctors that I have met in the last year !

If you did not know that this is the right path and that the pediatrician who is following my children is one of the best in Italy convinced , in his long experience in the medical field , that the diet proposed by Campbell is the only possible health human , throw it all up .

Instead continuous .

And given the many difficulties encountered every 3-5 hours every day ( more or less every time I think of a meal or the time that some of my son tell me “I’m hungry , Mom! ” ), I thought that talk in my post might be helpful.


Maybe some of you are in my own terms .

Maybe you ask what to do for lunch.

Maybe has to struggle continually with grimaces of disgust and doubt about the fact that Hamlet makes sense to continue .


Well !

The challenge begins.

And , as they say in these cases, those who love me , follow me! :) -

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Why choose to be vegetarian?

Vegetariano, sì o no?When I opened this blog I started to wander around in blogs and websites with subjects like  Vegetarian and / or vegan: I was curious to know why other people like me have decided to make a change in their lives, and I found myself facing an interesting and varied panorama.

Some people justify this choice noting that primitive Man ate mostly wild spontaneous-growing  berries and vegetables. Hunting, and then the meat, came later. Beyond the scientific and logical objections that can oppose this view – there are many of these, as there are many defenses – I think it’s a weak motivation or not very durable over time.

Today, I think so, but tomorrow I might bump into a convincing theory that supports the contrary, so what should I think?

Some people refuse to eat meat and animal derivatives, since the breeding entails immense suffering for the animals. This is a choice that I feel stronger – definitely motivated and motivating. How many of you have ever seen  a transportation service of animals or, even worse, the slaughter of them? And how many have stopped eating meat, at least for a while after this incident?

Whether for one reason or another, all those who forsake meat and animal derivatives after a while, after having overcome the difficulties that this renunciation entails, after having found the balance, they say “wow, I do feel really good now!”. And was this the key to everything?

Like many others, I chose to change my lifestyle after reading “The China Study”, which presents the scientific evidence of how our eating habits are bad, and, worse, how they can cause serious illnesses and death.

This is really a strong motivation! It is no coincidence that all vegetarians recognize that they are better physically and mentally. This is a concrete fact, though perhaps not very scientific, but it’s absolutely something a lot of people are saying.

It’s hard to give up animal protein: vegetables cost, new ideas can be scarce in the kitchen, not to mention the difficulties of dining out. “Mmm, these vegetableballs are really delicious!” – But they are cooked with eggs. “The fruit mousse is really tempting” – but there is cow’s milk in it.

Fortunately the number of vegetarians is increasing more and more, which implies a greater sensitivity towards us by the food companies and restaurants. On the other hand the problem of school canteens, school camps or summer camps still remains – but that’s another matter that must be tackled in a dedicated post.

And you, what do you choose? Are you still stuck to the dear traditional old Mediterranean habits or did you make the leap? Let’s talk about it!

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Paolo Kessisoglu, showman of the Italian TV program Le Iene, and his wife Sabrina Donadel, on stage with T. Colin Campbell at BE4EAt

Hyena on TV, thief at the theater, and vegetarian in life. Paolo Kessisoglu and his wife Sabrina have no hesitation.

“We’ll be there!”

Even more.

“We will give our testimony, we are absolutely vegetarian.”

That’s how it works. In the world of those who really tried, giving a testimony is a requirement. And, if doing so you get on stage with T. Colin Campbell, the major expert as for healthy and more conscious way of eating, how can you say no?

And so the stage is getting bigger.

Personally meeting the author of THE CHINA STUDY, and confronting him on the hot topics of nutrition, conceived as fuel for our health, are good drivers for many people.

Show business personalities, sportsmen, doctors and nutritionists. Altogether in an event created to give everyone the opportunity to change their lives immediately.

Both Paul and Sabrina are vegetarians.

Sabrina above all, according to Paul, who admits he was convinced by his charming wife to a new diet that caused him to lose 5 pounds and gave him new energy for his activities on TV and in theatre.

The entire interview with the couple will be available soon on niclapress. In the meantime, don’t miss any updates of the Sept. 21 event!

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I finished the phone conversation half hour ago. And yet I can’t get rid of this stupid smile on my face, after having heard the news …

DINO BAGGIO, one of the best Italian midfielder, will probably be with us on stage on Sept. 21 in Vicenza.

Can you believe it? I’ll try to have an interview with both, so you’ll understand the reason why I’m so excited…

I was a child when my mother sang in the room some notes of the most famous songs of Pooh. She repeated: “that’s how I met your father …”. Not to mention the “go DINO” shouted by my father in front of the TV during the World Cup ….

But OK! Childhood’s anecdotes aside, the arrival of T. Colin Campbell in Vicenza is turning into a unique opportunity for me. And most of all for YOU.

I didn’t think so, but there is an internal world of ideas, enthusiasms and passions that move around the author of THE CHINA STUDY, which are absolutely contagious.

And it’s a world that must be yours too.

Wednesday night at the first one of the many dinners, meet-ups, coffee breaks and meetings around Italy, Giampaolo Urbello a very special pastry cook, I’ll invite you to visit his website www.alimenti-biologici.com, said:

“Colin, where have you been so far?”

It’s time, he’ll be here!

It ‘s time to talk with everyone, to involve everyone. Now is time to SHOUT out loud: there’s someone who has a personal story to be heard, things are not exactly as we were taught.

Hearing something new is not so bad.

And if once heard, some doubts arise, these doubts can be resolved.

And if doubts become certainties, change isn’t so CATASTROPHIC!

Shout it with us. SHOUT WITH THEM!


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We are so many….. We are a host of collaborators indeed!

If I didn’t live it every day, I wouldn’t believe it. And to be honest, until a few months ago, few people agreed to bet on something with me …

But in spite of the doom, we can say it, maybe in spite of too many “jinxers” that unnecessarily cast spells, the magic has come!

Every day in the small editorial office of niclapress, it’s a flurry of phone calls, emails, text messages, requests for participation and new partnerships.

The arrival of the author of THE CHINA STUDY on Sept. 21 in Vicenza is turning into a THERMOMETER OF HEALTH, which raises the “degrees” of the peninsula:
first VICENZA, as obvious,

and then

and again

And the evenings become more every day, from hour to hour.

What are they? These meetings, coffee business, business dinners and small or large club of businessmen, doctors, educators and innovators who are found all over Italy to give birth to ideas, synergies, networking and mutual businnes…while eating …!
Events are organized from time to time by the many colleagues and friends who believe and invest on BE4Eat for nutrition and health. This gives the opportunity to those who are accustomed to pursue opportunities and not to wait for the train, to meet and create new relationships, new projects and new business for everyone.

Only you missing?!! ….

Find the date and location that are most convenient to you, consult the calendar at left, gather your loved ones in a camper and don’t miss the TRAIN OF OPPORTUNITIES that is passing by you…

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The most common questions people ask me when I speak about the results of my research are generally:

why haven’t I heard this before?


are soy, fish or any other product ok?

I don’t like to answer this second question because, on average, it refers to a specific type of food, forgetting that the most important effect, so far, is the whole diet, not a single thing at a time.

Nicla recently asked me what I eat for breakfast.

The question made me smile.

It is not the first person asking me details on my diet.

Probably some other people around the world are wondering right now:

What does the author of The China Study eat every single day?

Does he drink soy milk?

And what is his favorite dish?

Almost always, I eat whole grained cereal (usually oats, cooked at time of eating or “old fashioned”), along with some dried and/or fresh fruits.

Once a week, low fat, whole grain pancakes with lots of berries, either fresh in summer or frozen berries in the winter.

about my favorite dish, no doubts: I love greens, beans and potatoes (various kinds of greens and beans).

It couldn’t be otherwise…

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Roberto Re, the number one as for motivational energy, will be on stage with us!

It’s wonderful! We did it!

With him on stage I’m sure Be4eat will become what we are struggling for in these months.
Who am I talking about?
About Roberto Re, of course!

I’ve just finished the phone call with him. The number one in Italy said yes and will moderate our conference in Vicenza on 21st September.

Can you imagine? The appointment with THE CHINA STUDY will become a day of real change, a revolution in practice, with simple rules and a motivational push starting…immediately!

I’ve been investing in this for months.

It has been really hard to let this digest…believe me.

I think there are only few people that haven’t ever heard things like “milk is bad”, “eating too much meat is not good for our health”, “being fat harms your health” and so on …

How many obstacles to change!

And the worst thing is that the first and most important obstacle to change is OURSELVES!

Have you never heard phrases like, “but who do I have to do this for”, “you only live once”, “after all, I’m not killing anyone …”

Do you understand who am I talking about, right?!

There are always a lot of ifs and buts…

Well, I feel like I did what I had to do. I created a stage (not without great sacrifice, and that my 4 children may be witnesses, alas …) with a lot of wonderful people:

- The scientist on nutrition par excellence,
- The best motivator in ITALY,
- testimonials from the entertainment world;
- testimonials from the world of sports;
- chefs who already turned loads of pages of scientific results into delicious dishes

Now it’s up to you.
What are you waiting for? Take the lead to be part of this excellence!

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We have been always taught that yogurt has unique nutritional benefits. It contains an optimal ratio of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. But be careful, it’s still a derivative of milk … therefore it contains animal proteins. What do we have to do then? To banish it from our diets, or to turn a blind eye to it?

Do you know what I did? I asked directly T. Colin Campbell, the number one in nutrition!

Here is the question I asked him and his reply below:

N.S. : Prof. Campbell, we usually think that yogurt, rich in lactic acid bacteria, have beneficial effects for our health. But yogurt is milk … so is it good or bad?

T.C.C.: “Yogurt may be the least harmful of all the animal foods, because of its fermentative nature. I am open to claims of health benefits for yogurt, if substantiated”.

And you, what do you think? Leave your comment. I’d like to kick off a discussion on this and upcoming issues with Prof. Campbell.

Nicla Signorelli

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From today on, the author of The China Study will take part in this blog!

It’s great! Starting today, T. Colin Campbell will share his incredible experience in nutrition with us.

Collaborate with us. Post your messages, write your personal considerations, comments and be involved in the discussion on the MONUMENTAL RESEARCH that is revolutionizing the way we think about food and its connection with health and disease.

Write to info@be4eat.com if you want to work actively with T. Colin Campbell for the growth of this blog and for the development of a new awareness of the food we eat.

Together we are stronger!

Nicla Signorelli

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